Brisbane Spreads West

BRISBANE SPREADS WEST  – A Local History 1840 to 1901   – $15 (postage and packing $10)

Brisbane had its European beginnings as a penal settlement. A relatively short, sharp episode following its selection as a remote location to house prisoners convicted of offences in the Colony of NSW.  The authorities in Sydney, however, had recognised the district’s potential and had an eye on the future. Overseen by the British Army, conditions at the prison were harsh in an age when physical punishment was the norm.

By the early 1840s the convicts had been transferred and the Moreton Bay District declared open for free settlement. The small band of early inhabitants were mainly a mix of extransportees and government employees but it wasn’t long before successive waves of self-motivated immigrants arrived intent on forging a new life for themselves. This book provides a glimpse into how these arrivals progressed and the early shaping and development of the community we recognise today.

It is the combined effort of nine local history groups and societies which operate in the western and south western suburbs of Brisbane. Their research focus extends from the fringe of the CBD to the Brisbane City boundary, effectively tracking the course of the Brisbane River upstream.
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